The Mountains are calling…

One of my favorite pantheistic Transcendentalists, John Muir - Good old “Johnny of the Woods”  coined this quote wandering about California:

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” 


And so we must all go and celebrate nature and our lovely existence and we CAN do that in the SHAWANGUNK MOUNTAINS! Because if you haven’t heard my next retreat Mountain Zen Retreat is June 2 - 4 at this incredible Bed + Breakfast, Audrey’s Farmhouse in Wallkill, NY.

A True Mountain Zen Retreat!  John - you nature hipster (seriously, that beard!)  You would be proud!

Check it out here and stay tuned - I’ve been revamping this website so that I will have a mailing list per your request and I have about a dozen experiences at the ready for the summer.


wine tastings, sailing, weekend retreats, yoga/meditation creative experiences and more to come!

Oh and...

Happy Easter!  Happy Passover!  Happy Pink Moon!

Let’s just celebrate everything, okay? :)


I love you Hudson Valley.

I love y’all too.

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