Trivia at its best

I walked into an Irish pub the other night for what amounted to a “trivia” game among other things. I was blindly and pleasantly led by the hand and possible heart to somewhere in Yonkers for what amounted to a big win. It got me thinking: What the heck is trivia and why does it matter so much to many?

Trivia is defined as insignificant or inessential matters, and in this case; miscellaneous facts organized into a quiz format. Trifles, if you will.

I’m smitten. Little things always strike me in the biggest way. How thrilling to be led into a space to let go and let your brain get hijacked by others for the BIG WIN. I feel like this should happen to people a little bit every day. And it can happen in many ways.  

This experience also felt a bit magical. In life we all know our own answers and if we collect the trifles they amount to abundant joy.

Why should you care? Why not? Our lives are a big Trivia Game. 

Go play in every way. Let go. Be you.

Let there be MAGIC,

and free appetizers.

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P.s. The name of our team “The Ouija board gave us all the answers.” which by the way I think is cool.