Ollie, Ollie, Oxen Free

Come out, come out wherever you are! 

This includes me. I’ve been hiding under a rock and/or just plain gallivanting. The June pilgrimage came and went, as did July, and now I am year older. 

It’s all good. This summer is proving to be wondrous. 

I’ve been sailing, paddleboarding, hanging at farmer’s markets, and music festival-ing per usual. I have met so many incredible new people on our journeys, reconnected with my tribe and found a way to purge some riff-raff. 

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The Mountains are calling…

One of my favorite pantheistic Transcendentalists, John Muir - Good old “Johnny of the Woods”  coined this quote wandering about California:

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” 

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To a Friend in Need

I woke up this morning with a song in my head that I hadn’t heard in awhile and I desperately wanted to share it with you all.

It is called “To a Friend in Need.” I don’t even know who wrote it. I found myself rifling through old song sheets trying to find the lyrics for all I could hear in my head was the song being played, as a distant memory, by my good friends Eric Pastoral and Bill Card about 20 years ago on campus at SUNY New Paltz. I’d sing it for you myself but it’s not in my key... lol.

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Fall Songs + Trinkets

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”

George Eliot

True Dat, George! Just the other day I woke up to hear my daughter humming while she was getting ready for school. Such is song and chants and poems... they take you by surprise and the next thing you know you are channeling the words through your being, your mind. It’s all good. So good that I think I am going to start a little “Majestic Hudson” booky/arty/party group thingy - a “salon” if you will. In? Details to come. I think it will keep us warm with thought throughout the winter months to come.


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August Blur

Can we all agree that August is a Blur?

I have found some comfort in this realization.
Nothing should happen in August other than be still, be with others, but more importantly: Be With Yourself.

August is time for YOUR retreat - so truly relax, express and celebrate yourself.

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Hudson Valley Wanderlust

When I was a little girl my grandparents moved to Red Hook, New York. It is possible that this was the humble beginning of my love affair with the Hudson River Valley. Like a Romantic painter – I was drawn to nature: waterfalls, animals, mountains and deep rocky crevices - though instead of exact detail I was a young Abstract Expressionist and Transcendentalist. I went deep into my love of nature and became mindful of myself and others - and it all started by talking to birds in my Nana Nuccio’s backyard.

Time and time again I’ve been drawn back to the Hudson River to be inspired, be quiet and connect with myself. Anytime I left the concrete jungle I found myself on a mountain or at the Hudson River’s edge. From sweet little Red Hook, to my alma mater New Paltz, to the river towns of Westchester, the monasteries of Putnam, the streets of Troy, NY and more, I have felt a desire within reach, and a constant feeling of contentment. My creativity expanded and my peace shined.

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Finding the Garden of Art & Om

frog on the treehouse deck

I am a spiritual seeker and an avid reader of Mythology - so if one asked if they could place me in “a divine garden by a river to guard the tree of life” I wouldn’t miss a beat to state “Sign me up - I’ll bring the party.”

Akin to those wonderfully epic mythological stories I’ve been lucky – damn lucky - to find myself in some of the most divine situations. Some by conscious, and others, by unconscious effort, but all to better myself.

Being a ‘Location Scout’ and sowing the seeds of a retreat is the best part of this job. The child-like wonder of a new experience and new relationships - the whole process makes me smile and gives me goose bumps. It is these seeds: the moments when I meet new people, or walk into a beautiful space, or eat a delicious meal, or get lost driving around the Catskills only to pull over and take a moment to pinch myself. These moments fuel me to create unique experiences for you all – right here in my own backyard.

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